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Celebrating 7 Years of Girls Football at Clonee United

Celebrating 7 Years of Girls Football at Clonee United !⚽❤🗓🎆🏅🏆 The 7th of October 2012 was a momentous day for Clonee United and Girls football in Dublin 15 as their first competitive League fixture was played against Shelbourne away at (…)

Under 14 Boys Trip to Benfica 2019

Clonee United's Under 14 Premier boys' side traveled to Benfica on Thursday morning for a 4 day training camp. In 2015, the Lisbon based team won the award for the world's best academy and it's no wonder when you get (…)

Girls End of Season Coerver Session & Presentation 01.06.19

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Girls In Gambia love their football

Hi,   My name is Paul Dowling and I recently returned from a week-long trip volunteering with the Charity WYCE in The Gambia along with five friends, collectively, the JOAL team. We put out an appeal a few months ago (…)



Golden Goals

Golden Goals

MINUTE 20th RECEIVES €200 – TKTS €5.00



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