Clonee / Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Clonee United is committed to providing a safe, positive, and rewarding environment where players and coaches are encouraged and afforded the opportunity to develop strength of character, build self-esteem and achieve personal development. We aim to achieve this by creating an atmosphere that;

– Fosters Teamwork

– Promotoes Self Respect

– Fosters Teamwork, Friendships and Fun

– Promotes Self Respect and Discipline

– Teaches Core Fundamentals and the Rules of the Game

– Rewards Sportsmanship and Fair Play

– Promotes Leadership and Pride

– Sets an Example of Community Spirit


Our goal is to make this one of the most positive, memorable and influential experiences that all our players will have in their lifetime. To our Committees, coaches and volunteers, we ask that you incorporate the ideals of this mission statement into your decision making, coaching styles and philosophy. To all our members, players, coaches, volunteers, Committee members, parents and supporters, we ask that you respect each other and others in all football related situations and know that you must lead by example and be willing to submit to a higher standard than others.

Most of all we want everyone to enjoy their experience with Clonee United have FUN!


Lisa: Seen this on the Balbriggan wesbite – do we have any policys documentation we can upload? Our Policies | Balbriggan F.C. (